The bunjee jump of the heart – all or none


masha’Allah wise words from our brother Tarek Mehanna (Abu Sabaayaa)  in reply to some questions submitted to him by users Islamic Awakening Forum, something for us all to reflect upon. May Allah swt hasten his release. aameen.

How long do you expect to be in prison?

Tarek: In the story of the Treaty of Hudaybiyah, the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) told the Companions, based on his dream, that they would make ‘Umrah. So, when they set out for Makkah and were prevented by the pagans from the ‘Umrah, ‘Umar became disheartened and said to Abu Bakr: “Didn’t he say that we would make tawaf around the Ka’bah?” Abu Bakr said: “Did he tell you it would be this year?” ‘Umar replied: “No.” Abu Bakr said: “You will make tawaf around it…” And the following year, they were performing ‘Umrah, just as the Prophet had promised.

So, Allah had promised them that they would complete the ‘Umrah. It happened, but on Allah’s terms, not those of ‘Umar or even the Prophet himself. The fulfilling of the promise was 100% certain, but the ‘when’ was known only to Allah.

Such is the case with the question of how long I will be here. All I know is that Allah promised that if I do the right thing, stay true to my principles, and have full certainty & reliance on His Aid, He will make me victorious in the end. The ‘when’ aspect is not my concern. All I know is that the promise itself will undoubtedly be fulfilled because it is Allah who made the promise – not once, but numerous times in the Qur’an. Why is it that when someone promises to meet us for dinner, we expect that we will be having dinner with that person, but when Allah promises something to us we don’t take it as literally? Understand that Allah is a Living, Aware, reacting entity Who deals with you according to how you deal with Him. Did you ever read the Hadith Qudsi: “I am as My slave expects Me to be”? What it means is that Allah looks to how much confidence you have in Him, and deals with you accordingly. If you trust Him fully to do what you want Him to do for you, He will surely fulfill that trust and expectation. But if your trust and confidence in Him are so-so, then what trust is there for Him to fulfill? None, and that is when you are left in the gutter. It’s like a bunjee jump of the heart – all or none; an internal test to see if you will put your life in His Hands. Some pass, some fail.

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please do not forget him & his family in your du’a.

JazakAllah khayr wa BarakAllah feek


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