“Verily, Allāh is grateful”

Ibn Rajab wrote:

“So know that the world – and whatever is above it and below it in the water- will not be corrected except when the actions of its people are all for Allāh. The actions of the body follow on from the actions and intentions of the heart. So when the actions and intentions of the heart are purely for Allāh alone, then it is corrected, and likewise the actions of the body will also be correct. However, if the actions and intentions of the heart are for other than Allāh, then it is corrupted, and likewise the actions of the body will be corrupted in proportion to how much the heart is corrupted.”

[Jāmiʻ al-ʻUlūm wal-Ḥikam, pg. 120]

Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah said,

“If you do not find any sweetness and relaxation in your heart from a (good) deed, then you should suspect your heart. Verily, Allāh is grateful. That is, He must reward the doer of the deed for his deed in this world by a sweetness he finds in his heart, a stronger feeling of relaxation and a joy in his eyes. If the person does not find these things, it means that something has entered upon his deed [and made it not correct and purely for Allāh’s sake].”

(Madārij al-Sālikīn, vol. 2, pg. 68)



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4 responses to ““Verily, Allāh is grateful”

  1. Muneera

    السلام عليكم فولانه
    ماشاء الله مدونتك رائعه و بها معلومات قيمه جدا ، زادك الله علما و تقى و إيمانا لكن أختي العزيزة كوني حذرة من هذه المدونة لأنها تعرض فيها إعلانات مصحوبه بصور محرمه فأنصحك غاليتي أن يكون لك موقع بدلا من هذه المدونة ، و استمري في الدعوه إلى الله فأنت على خير عظيم بإذن الله و لا أزكي على الله أحدا
    أختك : من السعوديه منيره

    • جزاكم الله خيراً على هذه النصيحة الغالية أختي الفاضلة
      .أنا أستخدم مانع الاعلانات Adblocker لذلك لا أرى الاعلانات
      سوف أتحرى الموضوع وأتعامل معه باذن الله

  2. ameela

    جزاكم الله خيراً
    You should have a pininterest button coz you have some real nice articles on your site.

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